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Hi Dave -

Thanks for spending the time on this. Since it only impacts people who have more than one log and use WorkSpaces, it might not be worth the effort to resolve this - especially if it's pilot error. However, please give me one last try.

When I finish working on one log, and if I make a change to something - like the log layout, I'll save the change, and then Update the WS. When I activate a different WS and open that log, the backup location is that of the previously updated WS. It seems like the backup directory for the WS that was just updated is overwriting the backup directory for another callsign/log. I have multiple folders within my backup directory (one per call). Updating the WS changes the backup file location in ALL of the folders - not just the for the call that is being updated.

I just confirmed that this is still happening with the latest updates.



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So in summary,

1. you "then activated the WS for W2RZS, opened DXK for W2RZS, and the B/U
location was J75RZ"

2. found that the W2RZS workspace specifies
&#92;&#92;NETGEARNAS&#92;backup&#92;W2RZS&#92;DXKeeper&#92;W2RZS as its backup folder

3. confirmed that when you started DXKeeper, the backup folder was set to

The question is "why did steps 2 and 3 produce a result different than step
1"? I can think of no technical explanation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hi Dave -

DXKeeper 10.3.2; DXKeeper Configuration; Log: Backup folder:




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Thanks. When you start DXKeeper, what appears the Backup pathname?


Dave, AA6YQ

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Thanks, Dave.

The file is:




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AA6YQ comments below
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Hi Dave -

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request.

I started DXK 10.3.2 for W2RZS. The backup location was J75RZ. I
the location to W2RZS, didn't do a backup, and closed DXK. I restarted
and the backup location remained W2RZS, as expected.

This confirms that the defect your reported was in fact corrected.
Versions of DXKeeper prior to 10.3.2 would have not updated the
Registry to reflect the change in backup folder from W2RZS to J75RZ
you first initiated a backup.

I then updated the Work Space for W2RZS to save the backup location.

I then activated the WS for J75RZ, and opened DXK for J75RZ. The
location shows W2RZS.

The implication of this is that your J75RX Workspace specified the
location for W2RZS.

I changed it to J75RZ, closed DXK without making a B/U, re-opened DXK
J75RZ, and confirmed that the B/U location was J75RZ.

Once again confirming that the defect was corrected.

I closed DXK, and updated the WS for J75RZ to save the B/U location.

I then activated the WS for W2RZS, opened DXK for W2RZS, and the B/U
location was J75RZ.

You confirmed that the Windows Registry entry for the backup
location was
set to W2RZS when you restarted DXKeeper above. The question is why
wasn't saved in the W2RZS Workspace when you updated it.

Using Notepad, navigate to the W2RZS folder in the Launcher's
folder, and (with Notepad's "Files of Type" selector set to "All
open the file DXKeeper.reg

Be careful to make no changes in this file (in case you
invoke the File:Save menu item)

Search for

You should find a line like
"BackupDirectory"="C:&#92;&#92;DXLab&#92;&#92;Archives&#92;&#92;Log Backups"

What does the line you find look like?
Terminate Notepad without saving changes.

Dave, AA6YQ


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