Re: IE 9 and LotW?

Richard B Drake

w9ruk@... wrote:
I likewise have WIN7 64 bit Home Edition on a new Dell XPS8300. I had no
problems at all doing the install, of DXLab Suite(minor path changes on
workspaces). IE9 works perfectly with all reports & other functions. The new
PC came with WIN7 64bit and IE9 installed. I see the discussion here and am
surprised there are so many problems, especially if the OS is being
installed on a new virgin drive.

I am no PC expert, far from it, and just wonder if the problem lies with the
hardware setup more so than the software? Just an idea.
That is quite likely. It could be almost any hardware device or combination of devices. Pretty much impossibe to determine without the ability to test every possible combination of devices. Given that thought, it's really pretty amazing that the Windows OS runs as well as it does on so many different combinations of hardware devices.

73, Rich - W3ZJ
Hope everyone gets theirs working and just wanted to let you know that, on a
new factory machine, mine worked great from the start.

Mike W9RUK

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