Re: Sync LOTW QSO's Problem?

Earl Needham

No, that box is empty.


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On the "QSL Configuration" window's LotW tab, do you have the "Limit Add and Sync operations to this station callsign" box set to




Dave, AA6YQ

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Thanks, Dave.

As usual, the DXCC program confuses me no end -- and LoTW is part of that
program, so it is confusing me as well.

I followed the steps and I'm not sure I can see anything wrong with the
QSO's, unless that pesky /M is causing the problem. I have five
certificates -- KD5XB, KD5XB/M, HL9XB (limited date range), KA5NYT, and
KA5OBR. All the problem QSO's that I have were uploaded using the KD5XB/M
certificate. It doesn't expire until March of 2014, and the date range for
valid QSO's for this cert goes until the end of this year -- I'll have to
update it in December.

All my problem QSO's were between 6/25 and 6/30 of this year.

I can SEE the QSO's in LoTW, and they look OK to me. Going to the "YOUR
QSOS" tab, and putting any of the problem callsigns in the search window,
they all show up with the /M suffix, but I'm not sure if that;'s a factor.
Shouldn't they all be downloaded when DXK synchronizes them?

Using one example, I search on JA3CZY, and LoTW shows this:

*Call sign* *Worked* *Date/Time* *Band* *Mode* *Freq* *QSL*
KD5XB/M JA3CZY 2012-06-30 14:40:00 20M SSB 14.19
(Wow, I didn't realize I'd get the whole table!)

However, in the AUX panel, my callsign doesn't have the /M -- but adding /M
to the station call, op call, and owner call doesn't fix it, so maybe I'm
looking in the wrong place.

Date & time is correct, band is correct, mode is correct.

Maybe I've looked at this so much that I can't see it -- do you see
anything wrong in this example?


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AA6YQ comments below

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Dunno where the problem, but I have it, too.

Step-by-step instructions for dealing with this scenario can be found in


Dave, AA6YQ

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