Re: How far back/how complete are your DXKeeper logs?

Steve K8JQ

When you add lots of QSO's and the log gets big . . . is there a limit of whatever sort to how large the .mdb file for DXKeeper can grow? Or should be allowed to grow? Are tens of megabytes OK? How about hundreds of megabytes file size?

Steve K8JQ

On 4/30/2012 2:25 PM, Stephen Budensiek wrote:
I don't log 2m repeater qso's any more, so none of them are in the log
since the fcc dropped that requirement. All other qso's since Nov 1965 are
there, many hundred's of HF mobile qso's (CW& SSB), including novice
months. Have held 6 calls, since one had to change call when moving to a
new call area for awhile, even held multiple call area callsigns when the
FCC did that. But the majority of my qso's, since 1977 have been with my
present call, Llived in SDak, Ariz, Oh, Fl, and a number of states in
between. The years I lived in Honduras are in a second log file.

73's de Stephen, K0SD


On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 1:17 PM,<ac0x@...> wrote:


Thought I'd start a thread.... how far does everyone's DXKeeper logs go
back, and how "complete" are they? Mine go back to my first QSO on
2/20/1982, and are only missing some q's from a few months in 1989. Lost
that paperwork in a move, but was able to rebuild at least some of that
activity from bureau QSL's an eQSL logs (yeah I know technically I should
have a log entry first to verify them, but since I had a 2x3 call from
Morris County NJ at the time I think the impetus for anyone to actually
send me a fake QSL request was extreeeeeeeeeemely low...)

How about everyone else?


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