Making multiple QSOs show up on a single card on records

Chuck, WS1L

I just did my first on-line DXCC application and will be taking the cards
to a local checker this weekend. It was very easy and I only had 14 QSOs
so it was overkill to have DXKeeper make an ADIF to upload, but I wanted to
try it out.

I had 3 QSO's on one card, and the ADIF showed them all in different places
in the list. Where (in DXKeeper) and when (in the process of recording
incoming cards) and how should I tell DXKeeper that a QSO I have just
marked as 'Confirmed' is to be paired with another QSO, i.e. that they are
all on one card and therefore should be grouped together in my card
submission list and ADIF?

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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