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I'm helping another DXabs user, Stan, N5UE, get up to speed with the DXLabs
suite. He has some old QSO's that were never entered into a computer log,
but are present in his LotW account as credits... 500 plus of them.

Is there a method of downloading these credits and then creating new QSO's
in DXKeeper to reflect them? I remember it being discussed, and we have
spend the last few hours on the phone persuing the DXLabs wiki, instruction
pages, and messing about with the DXCC Credits function. We have
downloaded the DXCC credits but all 500+ cant be 'linked' since there is
nothing to link to.

The 'Create QSO' function is grayed out, as the DXCC-derived QSO's seem to
lack some required data. There isn't any way to enter the missing data,
either. The text boxes dont allow entry of the missing items within the
credits window.

The goal of the exercise is to have his DXKeeper know, for example, that he
has Monaco confirmed on 20M CW, therefore it is not needed. Of course
there are many more entity/band/mode combos for which he has DXCC credit
but DXKeeper is not aware of the credit.

The "Credits Granted" window's "Create QSOs" function provides exactly
what you seek. It's disabled because "the safety is on" -- Stan hasn't
checked the "Credit-only QSO creation" box in the "DXCC Credits" panel in
the lower-left corner of Configuration window's Awards tab.

Step-by-step instructions for creating "credit-only QSOs" are provided in

I strongly suggest that Stan start by making a backup of his log
(Configuration window, Log tab, Backup button), and by manually-creating one
or two Credit-only QSOs as described in the above article. After ensuring
that he is happy with the results, and confirming that a Credit-only QSO
should be generated for every remaining unlinked, non-duplicate DXCC Credit,
have him click the big "Create QSOs" button.


Dave, AA6YQ

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