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Thanks Dave.

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On 4/22/2012 12:02 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
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Hello out there. Because of recent discussions about certificates
expiring I took a look at mine with TQSL. Should have done this earlier.

First topic is: it expires 2014-04-20; the QSO end date is 2014-04-06;
when applying for certificate I think the end date is left blank; so the
end date is reset by LotW; is there a reason for this date being 14 days
before expiration or is this just a convenient interval?

Of my three active certificates, one of them has a "QSO End Date" that is
2 days before the certificate's expiration date, and two of them have a "QSO
End Date" that is identical to the expiration date. I wouldn't worry about

Second topic is: My name is misspelled in the certificate; are there any bad
results from this?

I doubt this will impact your QSO partners, but suggest that you contact
the LotW Help Desk to get this corrected so there will be no doubt as to the
validity of your QSOs confirmed via LotW.


Dave, AA6YQ


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