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These instructions work great, and the secondary CAT port with com0com
seems to be working well. But 2 questions:

- the tuning on NaP3 is less smooth than it was with LP-Bridge,
although still very useable. I've decreased the polling intervals to
100 ms in NaP3, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Can this
be improved? (I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit, on a 1-year old Intel
machine (I3, 3.2 GHz), with 2GB of RAM)

You could try further reducing the NAP3 polling interval in 10 ms. steps.
To what do you have the "Commander interval" set in the Radio panel on the
General tab of Commander's Configuration window?

- I notice in Commander's Secondary CAT Serial Port setup that Elecraft
is an option under CAT protocol. Should this be chosen when using a K3
(as I am), or should I stick with your recommended Kenwood protocol? I
know Elecraft's CAT interface is basically Kenwoods.

If your primary transceiver is a K3 or KX3, setting the Secondary CAT
Port protocol to Elecraft will enable Commander to better emulate a K3 on
the Secondary CAT port. For example, when the application connected to the
Secondary CAT Port sends an FI (report IF center frequency) or BW (report
filter bandwidth) commands, Commander will react by sending the command to
your K3, and then forwarding the response back to the Secondary CAT port. If
I recall correctly, it was NaP3 for which this enhanced K3 emulation was


Dave, AA6YQ

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