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I agree with Ken. But I understand the change to be added to the Filters & Devices screen and we can still pop back & forth to Memory Banks.

Jack - WE5ST

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An option to replace Commander's Commander's Frequency-dependent Device
panels with some User-defined Sequences and Sliders:


There's not quite enough vertical room for two rows of sliders; slightly
increasing the height of Commander's Main window would permit that...


Dave, AA6YQ

If this means giving up the Devices and Filters panel, I would vote no. I
use the Amp tuning and Tuner tuning charts many times a day! I would hate
to go back to sticky notes! If the panels could be made three layers deep,
I would have no problem with adding the additional controls on the "third"
level, but I would certainly hate to see my tuning charts go from Commander.

The proposal is for a new "option", Ken. All existing functionality,
including frequency-dependent devices, would be retained.


Dave, AA6YQ

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