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iain macdonnell - N6ML

Despite his extraordinary productivity, I believe that it is, in fact,
the same Dave (not multiple clones) that develops all of the DXLab
Suite applications :)

I still vote for the proposed UDC feature, though. The recent addition
of additional rows in the existing UDC panel has been a significant
inhibitor for me - I can no longer fit Commander below WinWarbler on a
1024-pixel high desktop, as I need to be able to do with my remote
setup. This means I have to keep moving Commander down so the UDCs are
"off the bottom of the screen" so I can access mouse-wheel tuning
without constantly re-layering the windows. Then when I want to access
UDCs, I have to move the Commander to get at them. It's a "Royal Pain"


~iain / N6ML

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 7:12 AM, <ac0x@...> wrote:

Hello Joe (curmudgeon to curmudgeon ;) )

Good ideas both - but for Commander? I'd think the sound card switching
would make more sense in WW, and the awards tracking would seem more
in DXView or DXKeeper. And to some of us Commander's rig control functions
actually are a core function of the DXLab suite (actually with a package
like DXLab that does so much - what actually ARE the "core functions"? I'd
expect there are quite a lot of them :) )

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Allow me to be the curmudgeon ... since I do not use UDCs, I'd rather
see the other items on the development list (sound card switching for
multiple radios, real-time tracking for additional awards (WAS, VUCC,
etc.) attended to before wasting any development effort with items
that have no bearing on the core functions of DXLab Suite.


... Joe, W4TV

On 18-April-2012 12:16, Dave wrote:
An option to replace Commander's Commander's Frequency-dependent
panels with some User-defined Sequences and Sliders:


There's not quite enough vertical room for two rows of sliders;
increasing the height of Commander's Main window would permit that.


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