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Steve K8JQ


My error. The QTH's are there on the new machine. I was looking at a newly created database, didn't find them and panicked :-[

I do have another question, however: I use a contest logger and export QSO data from the contest logger into an ADIF file. Then I import the ADIF file into DXKeeper. That process worked well on the old computer but appears broken on the new computer.

The problem is that DXKeeper's "begin" and "end" labels are flashing red. Something is evidently wrong with the begin/end date and time.

The ADIF import has a time_on field but nothing for time off, so DXKeeper is setting the two fields to the same value.

How do I overcome the flashing red problem?


Steve K8JQ

On 4/16/2012 12:49 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
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I recently migrated from a Windows XP computer to a newer computer
running Windows 7.

On the new computer, when I click my QTHs in DXKeeper, there are no
entries. How do I get the my QTHs file from the old to the new computer?

There is no "QTHs file", Steve; your QTH definitions are stored in your
log. Please start DXKeeper on your XP machine; are your QTHs present there?


Dave, AA6YQ


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