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Take a look at
<> .

I'm guessing you could:

Take the .csv from SOTA
Import it into a spreadsheet program (Excel or other)
Tweak it a bit to meet DXkeeper 'tab delimited' criteria\;
Save it as a tab delimited spreadsheet
Then import it into DXkeeper

I do a lot of SOTA chasing but have been duplicating entries. I log
first into DXkeeper, than manually log my contacts into the SOTA
database. As long as I keep up with it on a daily basis that works, if
you haven't been keeping a log then using the SOTA data to get your
contacts into DXkeeper is a great idea. I also set up some 'user defined
fields' in DXkeeper to track the peaks and a few other criteria.

Hope this helps, I'm sure Dave will have additional info too!



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Is it possible to add support in DXKeeper for the CSV file type for
importing and exporting from the SOTA Database service?
Info can be found here:


Pedro CT7AEZ

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