Re: Spot Collector Stopped Working

Charles Morrison


Thanks for the directions to the wiki. I'd pretty much covered those and
was still stumped. Not sure what just dislodged it, but something did and
now its working.

I did another reboot (when in doubt!). Then following Barry's possible
problem, I went straight to Adobe's flash page. Flash checked out ok, but
then I rebooted again, and up popped a flash update. I updated Flash,
loaded Launcher and when SC came up, I connected straight to a source and
they all appeared.

Certainly there's no connection between flash and DXK?

Not sure what I did, but something jarred it loose.


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Check this page and see if it helps...


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On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Charles Morrison
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Make that 2 of us Barry. I moved an installation of XP from one PC to
another, did a repair installation of the OS, fixed all of the
hardware issues, started my regular programs ok including Launcher.
prompted me for an upgrade, which I did. It told me to recompute when
I upgraded the DXCC database, which I did and I then cleared the
database in Spot Collector.

Now it connects just fine, and it even "flashes" the scroll bar along
the bottom as I make changes to my selections, but the entire
is empty, and I cant figure out how to get it back.

May be something tied to my reinstallation though.. perhaps a runtime
for Access?


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This morning Spot Collector stopped working. It shows that I'm
connected to my 4 usual spot sources, but nothing shows up on the
screen. It is showing changes in the SFI, A, and K indices. My
internet connection is functioning as I can connect to email and

I checked the error log, but there was nothing showing in it. I
reloaded the program and it still does not perform.

The problem started after I had a problem with Flash Player this

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Barry Priddy -- K5VIP


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