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Check this page and see if it helps...


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On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Charles Morrison
<cmorrison@...> wrote:

Make that 2 of us Barry. I moved an installation of XP from one PC to
another, did a repair installation of the OS, fixed all of the hardware
issues, started my regular programs ok including Launcher. It prompted me
for an upgrade, which I did. It told me to recompute when I upgraded the
DXCC database, which I did and I then cleared the database in Spot

Now it connects just fine, and it even "flashes" the scroll bar along the
bottom as I make changes to my selections, but the entire database is empty,
and I cant figure out how to get it back.

May be something tied to my reinstallation though.. perhaps a runtime for


--- In dxlab@..., "nbpriddy" <nbpriddy@...> wrote:

This morning Spot Collector stopped working. It shows that I'm connected
to my 4 usual spot sources, but nothing shows up on the screen. It is
showing changes in the SFI, A, and K indices. My internet connection is
functioning as I can connect to email and QRZ.COM.

I checked the error log, but there was nothing showing in it. I reloaded
the program and it still does not perform.

The problem started after I had a problem with Flash Player this

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Barry Priddy -- K5VIP

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