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Gil W0MN <w0mn@...>

Buy a 4:3 19 if you can find a 1200x1600 (1024/768 all I can read in a 19 so maybe that would eprom and be cheap) and you have more sq in in same desk space.

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Chuck Chandler <chandlerusm@...> wrote:

I have been in the process of re-doing the antenna switching in my shack...
nothing as complex as diode matrices or such, but a set of manual switches
that pretty much allow any antenna to be used by any station.

Anyways, doing some work I knocked over an LCD monitor, one of two, and it
cracked the screen... landed on a Vibroplex bug. The screen now shows
mostly straight multi-colored lines, usually indicating broken internal
connections to the LCD itself. That most likely makes it not economical to

The broken LCD is the older of the two, a standard format one. The second
one is a newer 1600x900 Acer. Similar resolution monitors are available
for a little over $100, including some at Best Buy down the street.

Does anyone have a favorite LCD? Something that's a bargain? I have
enough space for a 19" diagonal, not much more without a shack redesign.

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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