Re: FT-847 narrow CW filter

Mike - AA1AR

Hi Art,

I do have a user-defined command in Commander which toggles Narrow mode in either CW, CW-R, AM, or FM. It's been available in the files section for some time. I don't use WinWarbler for CW though. What I was looking for is a way to have the filter "stick" on when clicking spots in SpotCollector. Currently each click on a CW spot will disable the narrow filter. I was hoping to persuade Dave to make "CW-Narrow" the default mode when clicking a CW spot, but it looks like he plans to add in both options; even better!

73, Mike - AA1AR

--- In dxlab@..., ART SEARLE <w2nra@...> wrote:

Hi Mike,

You could still set up a user-defined command in Commander and retrieve it in WinWarbler when the mode changes to CW. You could also do this with the other modes.

73, Art W2NRA

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