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A friend of mine had similar issues but I'm not sure of TQSL version numbers. His solution with the 'certificate out of date' problem was to change the PC clock to an earlier date. When he did that the certificate was accepted. Once accepted changing the date back to the present didn't break anything, it continued to work OK.

It's an easy thing to try - maybe it will work for you too?


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Migrating LOTW from WinXP to Win7. Cannot get the certificates to transfer. Have tried Using Tqsl.exe in Program x86 folder and
Also TrustedQSL folder on C:// drive. Results are the same. Downloaded the Migration instructions and followed step by step. When I get to the point of TQSLCert.exe, Load certificate step it gives me an error that the certificate is out of date. Don't know how to proceed now because both Certificates that I have are still good according to LOTW properties on XP system. Frustration rampant...

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