Re: WinWarbler for Phone, why?

Bill Duffy

I'm running a 746PRO on PSK RTTY etc.
Do you have the rig set for Digital?
Hold the SSB button in till the D appears to the left of USB on the display.
Yes you want to be on USB on ALL bands.

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icom 746pro

i used winpsk today and was able to make a couple contacts on psk31 10 mtrs,
when transmitting with winpsk my power and alc meters show movment and i can
adjust them up or down and see where my levels are at.

when tryin in winwarbler it keys the radio the waterfall changes and looks
to be like a transmit signal and can hear it on the speakers from my

but nothing is displayed on the alc or power out meter on the radio
even with any adjustments

ive trieddifersound card settings
windows default and
the first listings in the soundcard page
which are line in and speakers out.

kinda stumped here
jeff ke7ace
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AA6YQ comments below
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ok Dave set RTS to off
now winwarbler keys radio in phone mode and psk31
but now i got no reading on the power out meter and nuthin on alc meter.
line in settings are up over 80. any setting was no reading
volume out on computer is high
radio at any power setting shows nuthing on digital

only thing ive changed on the radio is switched to sm-20 desk mic
does it have to unplugged from radio for digital modes to work?

Which transceiver are you using?
Please try the 6-step checklist in


Dave, AA6YQ


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