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DMR Hawaii is a Motorola Mototrbo network repeater system based in Hawaii. For IP network purposes, it connects Mototrbo Tier II repeaters together utilizing Motorola’s IP Site Connect technology through a Rayfield Communications c-Bridge. User/subscriber radios can be any DMR Tier II, 2 time-slot TDMA compatible radio. The user group has the current ability to support Hytera and Motorola DMR Generation 1 and 2 radios and may not be able to readily support the programming of other brands of radios. As user experiences expand, other radio brands may be better supported. Information on the operational aspects of the system will be provided to accepted Hawaii users and visiting DMR amateurs. 

DMR Hawaii is an Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) focused group. During times of evolving emergency situations, the DMR-Hawaii network shifts to a mode of operation that supports served EMCOMM organizations. We are open to operators who share a similar focus and have an established relationship with a public safety or an associated EMCOMM organization in Hawaii. This is not an imperative requirement as the group will also consider recommendations from an existing user(s) who requests to sponsor new users. DMR Hawaii is not promoting the system as a general hobbyist system nor is it meant to be a “DX” repeater system. Persistent and constant use in these areas is discouraged. Encouraging reciprocity with visiting amateurs, DMR-Hawaii extends an invitation to amateurs to use the system while visiting the Hawaiian Islands.

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