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 Hello, welcome to this group, this group is for all sufferers of all kinds of eating disorders, facial disfigurement, traumas, D I D, have been abused, ETC, my name is Damon, I am a vampire altar in a dissociative system, I don't tolerate any bullying any brushing of flaming on this group, please remember your trigger warnings about food issues?  It is not fair, I feel that there is too much stigma for those who have D I D and eating disorders, this is a safe zone where people with these conditions can be free from judgement, we also do not tolerate those who are Christmas believers, we believe in Grays day only, but please reach out and join this group because we need support just as much as you do?  Please excuse any typing errors on this iPhone, for two reasons, it is playing up, and so is our eating disorder 

 Gaiman a 174-year-old vampire with idiot no West who is concerned for that road safety 

 Damon list admin 

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