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The Daily Chore Chatters Group - We are a diverse group of women here to help each other - with whatever lands on our plate.

Chores, family stuff, you name it - we can help! We can be a very talkative group, so be warned.  

Many of us have found that we need each other and that our friendships are strong.  If you do choose to join this group, please know what happens in group, stays in group.  The poem below shows what we feel about each other. 

Please no flaming or ridiculing other list members or their beliefs or you will be banned from the list.

New members are set to moderation until they have posted a few times.
We are a VERY Talkative group. If you have a minimal amount of email space you might want to join us with the daily digest option instead of individual mails

© Kyra 
We need each other...
In times of private pain,
of fear and stress; 
We need each other...
to share our joys, 
our times of happiness; 
We need each other...
to hold on and be strong, and
encourage when things are going wrong; 
We need each other...
to keep the faith and love,
and remind each other of all
the things we're dreaming of;
We need each other... now and

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