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Note:  The DCxxB transceivers are now being offered as a PCB kit only,
no enclosure. Check the QRPkits.com website for details. 

The DC40, DCx xA, DCx xB and related family of QRP transceivers
from KD1JV and Hendricks QRP Kits.  The DC40 and DCxA series are retired kits.

A discussion group to promote the interactive exchange of ideas,
modifications, trouble-shooting help and operating tips for the DC40,
DCxA and DCxB Family of transceivers.
Other simple transceivers like the 49er, Pixie, RM, HM and so on can
also be included for comparison and analysis.

~ QRP topicality is the only requirement for posting to this group.

~ Posting of non-QRP related goods and services for sale is not allowed.

~ When replying to messages, remove all content that is not needed. 

Subject and message content should agree (message searching).

A valid and verifiable Amateur Radio Callsign and real name are required for approval.

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