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CT-DALFH is an independent, support and learning group for the Putnam DALFH class of July, 2009, located in northeastern CT. The postings and/or discussions encouraged in this group are solely for the purpose of sharing our experiences with DALFH, as well as to learn from each other regarding the application of DALFH.

At no time, and under any conditions or circumstances will slander, arguments, or unprofessional comments be tolerated or allowed - such comments will immediately result in being banned from this group.

What is DALFH?
Dr. Donald James Engelhardt is the originator of the Dual Action Life Force Healing (DALFH). DALFH is a powerful treatment modality which acts to upgrade and correct any poor performance of the intelligent Life Force whose power drives and operates the body at the cellular level. This improved Life Force then acts to treat ailments of the mind and body. Besides healing, DALFH has the power to clear harmful spirits that are possessing or surrounding anyone. DALFH can either be performed at chair side or sent telepathically for remote healing.

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