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Flying Pig

I have gone on at length in other places, and in this particular venue, been taken to task for volumetric abuses of low-bandwidth folks.
Short story; we were the pied piper in the Bahamas back when WiFi was the only way to get internet, because we could, when nobody else even saw it; we shared our open router, and had a string of boats following us when we moved.
Go to and check out their offering, which is what I have, and it’s plug-and-play; my installation, which is a bit higher than you’d have on your KK42, but even so, you’d do just fine.  He’s changed his website so you’ll no longer see a  pic of my installation at mast-top, but being a sailboat, it’s different, in any event.
Bob Stewart (850-890-2815 ) is the king of customer service; you’ll find NO exceptions to that rating if you do a search for him.  Parts and labor, and after warranty, FREE labor for life.
I cannot adequately convey the enthusiasm for him and his service...

From: Rose Loper
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2019 11:36 AM
Subject: [CruisersNetworkOnline] Wi-Fi System
We intend to install a Wi-Fi Booster on our Kady Krogen 42.  We want to improve our signal reception when staying in a Marina and connect it to a wireless router so we can use it throughout the boat.  Please describe what you are using and how much you enjoy it.
Rose Loper
KK42 Catharine

Rose Loper
KK42 Catharine

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