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Phil Sherwood

After doing lots of research a couple of years ago, I installed the Coastal Marine WiFi booster, and I really like it. See

It comes as a complete kit, including software -- you don't need to run around to get the supplementary bits and pieces. When you order you can specify the lengths of two different cables you need if the default lengths aren't long enough. It'll cost you a few bucks more for longer cables, but they'll arrive cut to length, with connectors attached, etc. And you can specify whether you want a preconfigured router (access point) included, also for a few bucks more.

Unless you're a WiFi and network techie, take some measurements, spend the extra dough, and get the customized, preconfigured kit. It'll forestall all sorts of heartache.

Installation is pretty straightforward, even for non-techie people, and the instructions are good. The most difficult parts are probably mounting the antenna (it wants to go 15'or 20' or so above the water; you need to supply a standard 1" antenna mount), running the cable down to the network box inside the boat (wherever you decide to mount it), and tapping into 12 V power at some point.

The proprietor is very responsive by email and even by phone if you have questions. The kit comes out of Victoria, BC, but the company has taken care of all the border-crossing admin stuff and made it transparent to the customer.

No doubt there are other good systems out there (and a few that don't seem to get very good reviews). I chose this one and am pleased with it. No vested interest, just a satisfied customer.

s/v Cynosure
Seattle / San Carlos

On Fri 11/8/19 08:36, Rose Loper wrote:
We intend to install a Wi-Fi Booster on our Kady Krogen 42...Please describe what you are using and how much you enjoy it.

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