Re: Vero Beach to institute marine sanitation compliance sweeps

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From: Rick
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2019 6:23 PM
Subject: Re: [CruisersNetworkOnline] Vero Beach to institute marine sanitation compliance sweeps
The sewage plant just off the ICW in Ft Pierce has numerous times dumped large amounts of sewage into the water and daily they dump incredible amounts of exceedingly toxic water from Lake O into the Caloosahatchee River that flows to Stuart and Ft Myers where in the summer the green toxic water kills everything and is unhealthy for humans to be around it yet they want to harass a poor guy in a sailboat! 
Indeed.  Indian River County has had at least one spill per year for the last many years.
There are a couple of folks who don’t understand water sanitation who make up the CWC (see original post – a local noisemaking group called Clean Water Coalition), and, like the anchoring issue and derelict boats issue, have distorted reality to the detriment of cruisers in general.
Even if all of the boats (no, there are not 3000 boats in Vero; that may pass through each year) in the Vero area anchorages and mooring field were direct discharge, they would not have remotely close to the impact that a single spill does, let alone the continuous runoff from lawn services, road debris and even sewage overflow in some of the past heavy rains.
We’re a handy target, and it gives the impression to the unknowing public that finally “somebody’s doing something about it”...

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