Vero Beach to institute marine sanitation compliance sweeps

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Vero Beach to institute marine sanitation compliance sweeps

The local newspaper TCPalm has served notice as of November 4th, 2019, that Vero Beach and Indian River County will be the target of intensive marine sanitation compliance enforcement.

According to Monte Falls, Vero Beach City Manager, as cited in the article, "The FWC (Fish and Wildlife Commission) has agreed to conduct quarterly 'sweeps' of the lagoon in the city to make sure boats aren't illegally dumping sewage, check for derelict vessels and "anything else that might violate state and local laws," said Falls.

"FWC officers also will train the Vero Beach Police Department's marine unit to 'get the procedures down' on the enforcement effort as well, Falls said. 'So after they're trained, there'll be even more patrols on the lagoon.' "

Vero Beach City Marina manager Sean Collins is more than tired of the "narrative they are pushing against all of the boaters ... that you all are pumping your tanks right into the water. I know this is not the case and have been pushing back against them for months now and would certainly like to see more boaters speak out against this narrative"

"After the enforcement patrols take place, I do not want the CWC (Clean Water Coalition) to have the data stating that X number of boats were cited for MSD violations. I want to give them X number of boats were boarded and ZERO boats had MSD violations!"

To that end, Sean has asked me to include (I run the SSCA sponsored morning cruisers' net) an announcement including that Vero Beach City Marina provides numbered tags with secure ties for your Y-valves, if your vessel is so equipped.

Having one in place will aid a speedy departure if you are boarded. Of course, you will be present during any such boarding; they will not board unoccupied vessels. However, a clean sweep of the area will clear the decks for quite some time. If you don’t already have one, stop into the marina office for your free dinghy, bicycle or Y-valve tags.

If we succeed with a clean sweep, that should silence the critics and perhaps relieve our boating community from the opprobrium continually cast at us as we cruise the inland waterways of Florida.



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