VLF/LF/HF Active Vertical Antenna...5 kHz to 30 MHz Discontinued!

Robert, VA3ROM

Just had a look at the CCW website to buy another VLF/LF/HF active vertical antenna and much to my shock and dismay it was in the discontinued list!!

Sales drives survival so I'm guessing that it wasn't worthwhile cost wise to keep this outstanding performing antenna viable.

Any antenna that can survive in Canada's brutal winters, snow and ice storms and perform well especially on the VLF and LF bands is a keeper. It's been the only way for me to receive the basement beacons.

Is there any backstory to it and any hope of the antenna coming back in another shape or form that can perform down low.

Robert, VA3ROM

Chris Moulding

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your kind comments on the antenna. I think you probably got one from the last few batches where we used 2 mm thick tube for the elements.

Due to the Covid-19 situation we are limiting the time in the workshop so  some products that took a lot of workshop assembly were put on hold until things hopefully get back to normal.

I've checked and we still have some amplifier boards, the boxes are the standard polycarbonate ones we use for our other products so we would only need to order some tubing to make another batch.

When we have another batch ready I'll post details on the forum.



Robert, VA3ROM

Thanks, Chris, that's great to hear!

It's the only antenna that I can put up for spotting MF and LF WSPR beacons feeding my KiwiSDR receiver (setup for 8 receiver channels) plus the 2nd antenna port feeds my VLF SID receiver (19-27 kHz). The only issue I had with the older 100 ma consumption unit was the green LED burned out for some reason. I may open it up this summer and replace both red and green LEDs with resistorized versions. They are way to bright for my eyes and I suspect that something cause a power surge because LEDs usually don't "burn" out unless something went awry. Otherwise, it's working fine for the past two winters that have been extremely wicked even for this Canuck!


Hello Chris

If you are going to make another batch, then I will also have one please.

Kind regards


Juan A. Bertolin

Here from Spain, I am interested too

EA5XQ, Juan