VARA-FMSK16-OFDM Shootout for 60 Meters APRS This Saturday


After the dramatic results of the 300 baud AX.25 vs VARA test in early January, I am now ready to go with a 3-way comparison test of the new VARA modem -vs- MFSK-16 generated by FLdigi  -vs- OFDM generated by FLdigi. 

This 3-way shootout will happen enroute from the Lansing, Michigan area to Traverse City, Mi for the annual Cherryland ARC Swap-N-Shop.  I will be departing about 3AM EST Saturday 11 Feb to arrive about 7:00 AM.   After the hamfest, the return trip will begin around 1-2 PM, depending on what kind of gathering may develop after the hamfest. 

The tests will be on 60 Meters "Channel 5" at 5.403.5 USB.  

Full details on the test are on my website at:


A summary of the previous VARA vs AX.25 test in early January is here on my website:


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