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Kev Haworth

Had the CCW LAA+ up and running for a few weeks now and been really happy with it. I've been powering it with the Bias Tee from an RSP1A.

Treated myself to the RSPDX and there was a difference, not huge, but definitely better on the lower bands.

I then purchased the Bias Tee Chris sells  and what a difference it has made, within two minutes of setting it all up, I'd clocked two new NDB's and heard RUV from Ei∂ar.

Really looking forward to listening later tonight and hearing what difference it makes to the AM States stations.

All the best


Chris Moulding

Hi Kev,

Good to hear that the LAA+ and bias tee board are working well for you.

The bias tee in the SDRPlay receivers are really designed to work with a GPS antenna or similar up on UHF frequencies. It will work OK with the amplifier down to around 500 kHz.

As you have found using the LAA+ with one of our bias tee boards opens it up on the NDB frequencies.



Kev Haworth


Not just that but the MW/LW (similar, I know) frequencies plus the VLF, Anthorn was the strongest I've heard and DCF on 77.5 was a first timer for me.  Along with Mike Ladd on SDRPlay, you've rekindled my love and enjoyment of radio, I only hope I can get WEFAX running now as that is causing me brain ache.


Hi Kev

If you hear any am stateside stations pls list here ..I know Wins is a beacon but any others?

Thanks Simon

Kev Haworth


Where to start!
 590 VOCM, Sister Station CBGY on 750 were the first two. 1130 Bolomberg and of course WINS. I was picking lots up in the 1400 and higher, but the idents weren't forthcoming, tonight may well see me listening to 700 / 800 for Caribbean stuff, I just wish I could find a reasonably priced rotator now...


Interesting..will listen wife allowing later too..