SDR recordings added to SDR-4+ receiver web page

Chris Moulding

Following a request on another forum I've added a selection of SDR recordings to the SDR-4+ web page.

These are recordings I've taken using HDSDR during the final on-air test after bench testing a new SDR-4 or SDR-4+ receiver and in one case when a receiver was back for repair.

Each recording is 5 to 15 minutes long and all are RF recordings so you can use all the filters, modes and features of HDSDR as if you had a receiver connected.

All recordings are of the SSB portions of 40 and 15m and include typical activity in the UK, a DX pile-up, a ARRL 15m contest and deliberate interference to the K1N DXpedition. There is a bad language warning on the last one!

Instructions and links are included on how to find HDSDR if you haven't used it before.

The SDR recordings are at the bottom of the web page: