RSGB noise measurement project ends today

Chris Moulding

Five years ago Gwyn Williams, G4FKH started a RSGB project to measure the background RF noise on several HF bands. This has run for five years using Cross Country Wireless HF Active antennas and Sentinel SDR receivers.

We should thank the long term volunteers who have invested time, money and electricity running the SDR receivers, many of them 24/7 over the last five years. The final report should make interesting reading for those concerned with the amount of background noise on the HF bands.

It would be easy to just say thanks to the volunteers but following an email from one of them asking what else they could use the receivers for I've now written a new version of the Sentinel SDR program used with the receivers used for the survey.

This new version has the noise measurement and APRS routines used for the project removed. If you use an audio transfer program like VBAudio or a 3.5mm audio cable it is possible to use the MMVARI PSK program built into it.

I've also added a 300 Hz filter for receiving WSPR and changed the old spot frequency buttons so that the program tunes the receiver to the WSPR frequencies.

I thought that one option for the noise measuring team may be to use their equipment to monitor WSPR beacon transmissions with the WSJT-X program. Many amateurs in the UK and Europe have bought the Sotabeams WSPRlite transmitter to test antennas and propagation. This relies on operators running monitor receivers to listen for the beacons and report them back to the WSPRnet web site

I'm running a receiver at home and one in the workshop and I find it useful to see what WSPR beacons I'm receiving to give me an instant guide to what bands are open.

The new version is now on the web page:


Chris, G4HYG