Receiving SAQ


My compliments to CCW:
Today I once again received the historic Alexanderson VLF transmitter SAQ in Grimeton Sweden on 17.2 kHz very well, with snr > 30 dB.
Antenna was a triangular wire loop of 5.4 meters circumference to a CCW VLF loop amplifier, running 30 meters of RG58/U coax to an Airspy Discovery. On the input of the Discovery for safety a 6 dB attenuator. SDR application was SDR Console v3.1
My location is in grid square JO33.
Gerard PA3BCB

Chris Moulding

Hi Gerard,

Good to hear about you receiving SAQ with the VLF Loop Amplifier.

For those on the forum who haven't heard about SAQ it's a VLF radio transmitter in Sweden that went live in 1924 using an Alexanderson alternator to generate the RF power. It's now a working museum that comes on air a few times a year.

i once heard one of the Christmas Eve transmissions a few years ago. I was impressed by the quality of the CW signal from a keyed alternator!

The web page of the museum is: