PinPoint, easy Windows APRS map program, work with APRS Messenger?


Started using the PinPoint APRS program, looks nice so far.  Still checking it out though.  Easy to set up, and good selection of maps. It caches them to the hard drive as you zoom in.  It connects to UZ7HO's SoundModem via TCP/IP KISS and seems to communicate with it... it activates SoundModem's transmit when I tell PinPoint to send my APRS beacon.  I tried getting it to connect to APRS Messenger on port 8063, and seems like it does, sort of?  Messenger won't transmit though, when I tell Pinpoint to send a beacon.  Not sure about receiving and mapping via SoundModem and Messenger yet... no local APRS activity, and 30m is poor band conditions at the moment.