OpenWebRX and SDR4+

Steve Bunting M0BPQ

Hi everyone,

Has anyone used an SDR4+ with OpenWebRX? I am not very good with Linux, but have OpenWebRX working with an RTL Dongle on 2m. I would like to put my unused SDR4 on the same Pi and would appreciate any tips, or better still instructions!

Steve, M0BPQ

Chris Moulding

Hi Steve,

Just having a quick look on the OpenWebRX web page it looks possible.

The FiFi SDR is a similar sound card based SDR using a Si570.

Follow the setup for the FiFi but use 48000 for the sound card rate.

You may need to use arecord -l in a Terminal on your Pi to confirm the sound card hardware number and name.

You will also have to set up your default start frequency using CFGSR on a Windows PC.



Steve Bunting M0BPQ

Thanks Chris. Certainly worth a try. I'll let the list know how I get on!

Steve, M0BPQ