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Hello to all,

I am new to the group and I am QRV on 30 meters using this software.

Not quite sure of the connection to the APRS Servers or to or if there is any at all?

I had a nice QSO with Doug (KD4MOJ) yesterday on 30 meters and everything worked fine and acks were received. But I am unable to receive messages from friends that are using the APRS messaging from the packet network.

I am also connected to the server (

What will I be gating? And where will it be gating to, if not

I'm sorry to have asked so many questions. I think that APRS using PSK63 is VERY robust in comparison to 300 baud packet. We should be able to pass much more correct data using much less power.

My station using 300 buad packet needs to run at 100 watts, I seem to do better with this PSK63 at 25 watts output!

Very 73 to all in the group, Glenn (WB2LMV)

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Hello Glenn,

Thanks for joining us.

The igate connection is to the APRS-IS and the only reason that you are not showing up on the info page is that you haven't sent a beacon with your position in.

If you look at your messages on then you can see that all your messages are on the system.

As I mentioned in an earlier reply it's still at an early stage of development and I'll add message input to the Messages box from the APRS-IS over the next few weeks.

I'm very interested to hear about the power difference between 300 bd packet and PSK-63. The mode is very robust in comparison and can withstand QSB, QRM and frequency shifts better than 300 bd packet.

By the way, so far we have had a transatlantic message and ack but not a proper transtlantic two way QSO. I'm sure it will happen over the next week!


Chris, G4HYG