Loop Antenna Amplifier service bulletin 2-Attenuator


On 12/14/2019 1:24 PM, Chris Moulding wrote:
Today I built a quick prototype of a dual attenuator box. One side is an 8 dB attenuator, the other side is 20 dB.

I've attached a photo to help explain the 8 dB tee attenuator I described yesterday.

With this simple layout it has good VSWR up to 250 MHz and with correct internal shielding added could go much higher.


How much higher freq/lower SWR could you get by connecting each "T" to the adjacent BNC jacks on one side of the box, instead of spanning the full width?  

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Chris Moulding

That's a very good point. I'll try that tomorrow.



Chris Moulding

With the revised layout it has good VSWR up to 1300 MHz (the limit of my HP network analyser).