HF Preselector

Mike Xeno

Evening all. Question on which way would work best using the CCW HF Preselector.

130ft OCFD into a MW band stop filter  into the CCW HF Preselector and finally into the CCW splitter combine? 
130ft OCDF into the CCW HF Preselector into the MW band stop filter and finally into the CCW splitter combiner?


Hope this makes sense.

Thank you so much


Chris Moulding


I would suggest using the HF Preselector first as the transformers in the Preselector will isolate any static electricity charges on the antenna from any equipment that follows.

You may not need to use the MW band stop filter as the Preselector is very effective in reducing the level of local MW band signals when tuned to short wave frequencies.

I suspect that because you are asking the question you have a problem with local MW band interference?


Chris, G4HYG

Mike Xeno

HI Chris,

Yes...I live in New York near the city and a stone throw away from about 20 high powered (daytime) MW transmitters.  The MW filter is a PAR so I can switch it in and out. If the HF PRESELECTOR is good enough on it's own to eliminate MW I will take the MW notch out.

All the best,