G4HYG Copied From My Mobile


[4 May 2018  0630 US EDT]

Last night I drove from my QTH in the East Lansing,Michigan area to my sister's farm in Kalamazoo, Mi. This is about 90 miles to the southwest. On the trip, I was testing using the Winbook TW700 tablet instead of the usual Panasonic Toughbook as the mobile setup.  30-meter propagation was excellent -  I saw 8 stations on my US map at the same time, at one point.

When I arrived and looked at the APRS Messenger screen hiding behind the UIview map, I was astounded to see that I had also copied G4HYG.   This was with the FT-891 and 30-meter Hamstick antenna.  Note the number of stations shown as copied, both AX.25 and Messenger modes,  during this two-hour drive!


Chris Moulding

Good to see I can be heard while you are driving. It's probably a combination of a clear path to the UK (no bridges, trees, tall buildings in the way) and a RF quiet location away from switch mode power supplies etc. I know that many stations in the UK now only operate mobile or portable to get away from the RF noise.

I was running 100W output from an Icom IC-M600 HF marine transceiver into a vertical loop for the 30m band. This is a full wavelength loop with 30m of wire set up as an equilateral triangle with one side running on the floor and the other two sides in the air. It was fed at the bottom corner using one of our 4:1 baluns usually used for Windom antennas. It's ideal as a quick antenna for portable use and if I can find some time to go out and set it up on a beach to take some photos I'll write a page on the web site about it.