Feedback - CCW Broadband Active Antenna in winter conditions


Winter in north of Norway is now almost half way, and the light and the sun starts to return.
This year it's been less snow and not so cold as usual, but the temp been stable around -15 to -20 degree Celsius.
Last few nights its been around -35.

When I bought the antenna, I was a bit worried about the electronics in the antenna would survive the low temperature that we get here in the winter.
So far it looks awesome. I use it primarily on HF and I am very pleased with the quality of the antenna so far.
Comes with a follow-up report when the summer is here and I have enough experience to conclude.

- Jorn

Chris Moulding

Hi Jorn,

Thanks for the review on the antenna and the photos. It's really good to hear that the antenna is working well at such low temperatures. I had no way to test it as our fridge freezer only goes down to -23C.

Here in the UK we complain if the temperature drops below freezing. We couldn't cope at -35C.