Connect loop to CCW LAA+ amp with wire? Will it affect performance if they are too long?

Eric Inloes

So i'm curious if it's okay to contact the loop to the CCW LAA+ amp with wire? Will it affect performance if the wires are too long? It's what i've been doing right now with some very short wires. 

Perhaps maybe you should twist the wires together to cancel out the the noise they would cause?

Any thoughts?


Chris Moulding

If you are using a thicker loop it is possible to connect it to the amplifier with short wires without affecting the performance too much.

On the 1m loop of LDF-450A coax feeder I use as a test loop I have short tails of 3 inches or 75 mm to connect to the amplifier.

If the wires are much longer they add extra inductance. If you consider that we use thicker loops to reduce the loop inductance then it pays to keep any connecting wires as short as possible.



Eric Inloes

Hi Chris,

That makes sense.

I am using 1/4 soft copper pipe and using short 3 inch wires to connect to it.

Do you think i may be hurting performance here?