Yesterday i had some strange things happen with my internet. First my tablet went berzerk and roughly the same time i lost connection to APRS-IS on UIVIEW. I rebooted my PC, nothing. I rebooted the internet modem and UIVIEW now connects but CCW APRS Messenger does not connect to Localhost through UIVIEW. I run through all the settings i can think of and everything looks good. Localhost:14580 in UIVIEW32.ini [SERVER] is there. Rebooted serval times, nothing.

CCQ APRS Messenger shows "Server Closed" in the text above the Connect to Server button.

Ver 3.54 by the way.

Am i having a UIVIEW issue? Everything looks fine though.


Chris Moulding

Hi Randall,

It's hard to say what the problem is.

I stopped supporting APRS Messenger some while back as I wrote it in Visual Basic 6 and it's not possible to load a fully working version of VB6 onto Windows 10 to work through new problems.

As updates and changes are sent out to Windows they will eventually break one or more functions of the program.

I cannot guarantee the security of the program as I can no longer test it.

I would recommend that all users stop using APRS Messenger for these reasons.

I would suggest that you use APRSIS32 for conventional VHF APRS and use the APRS beaconing facilities in JSSCALL for HF APRS.




This PC is WinXP. Im not sure what took place but Im suspicious if I may have been hacked. Numerous odd things took place at roughly the same time.