HF Active Loop Antenna

Paul Picking

I received the double loop antenna with bias T in today's mail. Looks like a nice item. Hope to try it out in next few days. Thanks Paul,WD8OJL

Paul Picking

I have been playing with the V4 indoors on a camera tripod. Much more stable(tilt wise) than the 1 m loop. Nulls seem better to me than the 1 m loop outside on a rotor. It will be interesting to see how it does outside. I may wait till warmer weather. Paul WD8OJL 

Chris Moulding

Good to hear that the v4 loop antenna is working well for you indoors.

The nulls will be a lot deeper than the standard 1m diameter loop. I've also done a lot of work on isolating the loop from the amplifier so that it doesn't act as an electric field antenna.

You are hearing the genuine nulls without them being filled by the response to the electric field.