Receiving SAQ

Chris Moulding

Hi Gerard,

Good to hear about you receiving SAQ with the VLF Loop Amplifier.

For those on the forum who haven't heard about SAQ it's a VLF radio transmitter in Sweden that went live in 1924 using an Alexanderson alternator to generate the RF power. It's now a working museum that comes on air a few times a year.

i once heard one of the Christmas Eve transmissions a few years ago. I was impressed by the quality of the CW signal from a keyed alternator!

The web page of the museum is:




My compliments to CCW:
Today I once again received the historic Alexanderson VLF transmitter SAQ in Grimeton Sweden on 17.2 kHz very well, with snr > 30 dB.
Antenna was a triangular wire loop of 5.4 meters circumference to a CCW VLF loop amplifier, running 30 meters of RG58/U coax to an Airspy Discovery. On the input of the Discovery for safety a 6 dB attenuator. SDR application was SDR Console v3.1
My location is in grid square JO33.
Gerard PA3BCB