CCW Multicoupler


I am considering purchasing a CCW multicoupler and would appreciate your opinions on which one would be the most appropriate in the following circumstances.

I would like to run two scanners and an Airspy SDR from one VHF/UHF Antenna.
I also run an Airspy HF 2 Discovery from a Wellbrook active loop, I do not intend to run any more receivers from the loop.
I am considering the VHF/UHF as I do not intend to use it on HF and it has HF filtering.

An N connector input is preferred, though not essential, however, would that reduce the number of BNC outputs ?
Could you advise me on earthing it, for example, would it require a copper earth stake into the ground?



Chris Moulding

I would suggest the VHF/UHF version of the Multicoupler for use with a VHF/UHF antenna.

At present due to the Covid-19 lockdown we have limited access to the workshop so products that take a lot of workshop assembly and custom products are not being made.

The standard Multicoupler has one BNC input with 5 BNC outputs.

The ground stud on the Multicoupler is to aid lightning protection. When it's used in a professional antenna installation all incoming antenna cables will be bonded to the tower structure and grounded at the entry point to the station. Usually the ground stud is bonded to this entry point.

The Multicoupler has a 20 kA gas discharge tube on the antenna input and bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diodes on the outputs to avoid damage to the Multicoupler and the receivers connected to it.

It needs a good ground connection for the internal protection circuits to work efficiently.