Loop Antenna Amplifier: Indoor Unit box. Why not?

Chris Moulding

When I designed the Loop Antenna Amplifier it was intended to compete with the MLA-30 loop antenna on price.

To keep the cost down while still keeping the polycarbonate outdoor enclosure I decided to supply the base unit as a PCB. The base unit was designed and supplied with nuts and washers so that it could be mounted by users into a simple enclosure with just three holes drilled. Several customers have sent me photos of how they have built some very nice enclosures for the base unit.

We could build the base unit into the Hammond enclosure we use for the Multicoupler but this would add an extra £25 or $32.57 to the price of the antenna. If there is any interest I could add this as an option.

As a separate project I'm designing new versions of the Loop Antenna Amplifier and Broadband Active Antenna to work directly with SDRPlay receivers without requiring a base unit. I've got prototypes of both antennas working well but I'm not releasing any other information or taking orders until I can test a set of samples built with a production PCB.