Antenna rotators for loop antenna

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Drink all you want! Then go to best buy! Ha!

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Just to add a different slant (pun intended – sorry!) to this, I’ve got a PTZ camera on its way from China, combined with an order for a nanoVNA. I thought I could use the camera mount to point and tilt a loop antenna. I have a cylindrical box from a bottle of single malt (another hobby) and I intend to wind a coil or coils around this and see what happens. Somewhere around there is a formula involving coil diameter, size of wire, number of turns and impedance which I will have to find. If it turns out the tube’s diameter is wrong, I’ll just have to buy other bottles until I get it right! This could affect getting the number of turns correct…


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Hi Chris,

A cheaper option for control is to buy a USB to RS485 dongle and use one of the many free PTZ controller apps for the PC (or write your own).

Here's a couple of examples

It could perhaps also be used for satellite tracking with a lightweight beam.

Sounds like a good project :-)


Martin - G8JNJ