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Hi Chris


Thanks for coming back to me.



If the copy I got here was correct using my 20M as antenna I heard the following stations  (it was only 5 UK stations)









Last evening I put up a wire in the flag pole to be able to send on 30M, but since then I have had not heard any signals…


Using the 1300 HZ version with the dial at 10,1484  I am receiving signals that seems to somewhat kill any signals. This stronger signal are about 0.45 Khz lower a signal 300 Hz wide might be slow packet.  


In respect to get information to remote stations, I guess there are several options. Having a random delay build in so the stations that have heard a mobile or remote station on RF will tx all messaged for that station up to maybe 1 H after they last heard the station with a random delay of up to 2 minutes.  Other was to use a special structure of the messaged. So a regular APRS user could send a messaged to the HF Igate with the remote stations call as the first in the messaged similar to mail gateway… .

Well guess that is for later J


73 de OZ1BZJ





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Hi Michael,

Good to hear that you are finding the program interesting. I'm interested to hear that you have heard so many UK stations. Due to the skip distance I won't be able to hear stations outside ground wave coverage. There a quite a few stations using it in the US and I would expect more stations to come on the frequency over the weekend. It might be interesting if you can igate what you hear to the APRS-IS.

In the current versions the igate is receive only and only sends packets and messages to the APRS-IS.

The problem sending messages back from the APRS-IS is that when many stations are operating the remote station will probably be heard by more than one station and so several stations may send his beacons and messages to the APRS-IS. If a return message from the APRS-IS comes back from the APRS-IS there is no real way to tell which station should transmit the message back to the remote station and the danger is that more than one station or all the stations will transmit the return message at the same time.

I suppose my thinking behind the program is that it is a way of sending and receiving messages, beacons and coming soon GPS positions between stations over HF with the receive only igate facility so that everyone else watching via the internet can see what they are missing!


Chris, G4HYG

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> Hi
> The program really look interesting and i have today received i believe 7 different UK stations and one German here from my QTH 25 KM outside of Copenhagen.
> I did also see that some of the packet did make it to APRS.FI (Not from me as i did not connect to a server.)
> Just thinking using this in a remote place one could send APRS messages to any one at the APRS network. But what about the return path. Do the program also capture messaged from APRS-IS and send out to any stations that have been heard via RF ??
> Thanks in advance
> Br.
> michael