Copied, but not decoded...

"Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr)" <ldeffenb@...>

I just copied the following text out of my HF traffic window. Apparently, I had coped fragments from G4HYG-2 and G0CTO-10 before because I generated my KJ4ERJ-15 packet this morning when I poked "Send HF Beacon".

I actually noticed the WB8SKP 2 packet in the waterfall (talk about close timing) when I just glanced at it. I gather that the checksums didn't check out (no pun intended) or how do I actually know if they were gated as valid?

Also, timestamps at the start of each new line would be handy for unattended operation...

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Palm Bay, FL USA

G4HYG-2>APSA63:= le2.26 ev10.D497 MHz
G4HY263=i atoa{�e

Xe..:G0CTO-10 :callsigns on today.{200- G0O�0 :calloi0iii32.76N/00
25.erDW&TstingfMssenger v2.26 on 1) e > el N e5tryaE e tlB taetX, e7nC et Dt vM �S sWues o<e at & Doe �e fUe2ot5.le1Wint ilet� e4HYpK63n fH t t tE tn �eou tcet

KJ4ERJ-15>APSK63:PSK-63 HF IGate, Palm Bay, FL USA

WB8SKP 2>APSK63:�8SKP-2 EM56