LAA++ Questions, Transmitting and Raspberry Pi #raspberrypi


I recently received my LAA++ (one of the new ones with the bias t in a box). I put my wire inside a 15mm JG Speedfit plastic pipe, connected it together and it all seems to work. Amazing.

I am operating it in split mode with VirtualHere running on my Pi 4, connected to SDRPlay’s SDRdx, inside my garage and SDRPlay’s SDRuno on my Windows machine in my office.

I am brand new to this amateur radio stuff so I have some questions:

  • Can I use the LAA++ for transmission?
  • What is the head unit (the one directly connected to the wire antenna) actually doing? Amplifying the signal, matching the impedance, something else?
  • I read about magnetic loop antennas, can the LAA++ do this, is it worth it?
  • Can the LAA++ be used with other antenna configurations (delta, dipole, L, etc)?
  • Is it possible to transmit the LAA++ directly from the Pi (apparently the Pi can transmit about 10mW but needs a filter as, for WSPR as an example, it’s transmitting a square wave)?


Jack, M7EAS

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